"Walking Hand in Hand With God"

Mass of Remembrance for those who have experienced the death of a child.
This includes the death of a child before birth after birth, or at any age.

Father Terry Kean and the Bereavement Support Team are offering the opportunity for family members to participate in a gentle healing remembrance mass. This Mass is for those who have experienced the grief associated with the loss of a child. The mass will be celebrated at St Francis Xavier Church, Mayona Road, Montmorency on Friday 2nd June at 7.30 p.m.
We warmly invite you or anyone you know who has lost a child, to join us on this evening. If you require further information do not hesitate to contact any member of the Bereavement Support Team.
Kaye Lock 94314041
Maria Welsh 94312823
Anne Williams 94313437
Trish Alford 0413520069
Mary O’Callaghan 94351837
Rosa Arena 94396982